Pictures of celebrities featured on a polaroid and other instant film.
Nick Jonas
Angelina Jolie

Anonymous asked: heyyyyyyyyyyyy. what's up? how come not very active? xoxo

Sorry everybody, I’ve been really busy and I just never had the time to post on this site. Thanks to everyone who stuck around though.

Fill my inbox with requests and if you’d like, you guys can help me out by submitting polaroids here. (Real polaroids/instant film only! And I would love it if you could leave the link to the original source so I can give credit.)

I love you guys xoxo. 

America Ferrera

<3 you guys. :)

Jimi Hendrix

Hi lovelys! Summer is approaching, so I’ll have more time to update this blog. Send me a message with your favorite tv shows, movies, celebrities, bands etc.etc! (



Hi lovely people! Sorry about my inactivity lately. I’ve been really busy. Thanks for all the messages/requests. I have huge exams coming up, so I’m not entirely sure when I’ll have time to post stuff. If anybody is interested in helping me run this blogs, send me a message!!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Homer Simpson
Audrey Kitching
Sarah Paulson And Lupita Nyong&#8217;o

Hi all! Sorry for the inactivity in the last week or so. I was super busy with finals. I’ll try to fill my queue up before I leave for vacation. I hope you guys are having a lovely day. :)

Leave me a message with your celebrity crush/favorite movie/tv show/band.